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Web Project Ideas

Web is expanding,
people are making it as a part of their life..
new Services are required to be identified,
Ideas to be Generated and
Needs to be created..

KB Web Projects is one such effort in this direction to put ideas that could be taken ahead and executed. Find below brief details about such web project ideas with feature list and their details.


an online information desk about Engineering Institutes and Events. A portal for Engineering Aspirants, Students and Alumni to Share, Give, Grasp the Engineering Concepts, Resources, Creativity, Art, Thoughts, Knowledge, Fun, Notes, Placement Papers, Syllabus, the Solutions to Questions and Guidance..

Why this Logo?
There are 3 Stages of An Engineer.
1st when he is an Aspirant. 2nd when he is a Student and 3rd when he is an Alumni.

the logo has three Knowledge Squares, one each for
Aspirants, Students and Alumni (the Engineers)
overlapping each other to signify sharing of knowledge and resources.

the Journey towards being An Engineer unleashes from being
an aspirant to a student and to an alumni
and we believe in it..and we call it..

angineer - an engineer

rateKB - rate knowledge base or ratepedia

creating a knowledge base of rating and calculating AUR - Average Universal Rating of Happiness..

they ask, they tell, they share..
the happiness index of our Earth..

How happy are we, the Humans? rateKB is a step to measure and calculate Happiness Index among Human beings. Everyone rates and share a rating of events taking place in their life. These events could be talking to someone; going somewhere - the experience of reaching there, the experience of being there, the experience of eating out there and other experiences out there. Rating everything that is happening. Not only the experiences, but rating of a product can also be done, rating of individuals and rating of anything possible.

Along with rating, it is reviews that are given by people. Reviews aren't mandatory.

The question comes, how rating would be given?
First aspect is that rating would be based on parameters assigned to an aggregate rating. It would be optional if you want to give just a total rating or sub-ratings too. In case of sub-ratings, a total average based rating will be calculated.

Next, How will I able to rate an experience?
Just convert it into a URL and rate it. It can be converted to a URL by blogging it or micro-blogging it on a site like Twitter and rate that URL. Or such a service could be included in the product.

Based on these ratings, an AUR can be calculated along with daily, hourly, weekly AUR can also be calculated and a Trend by researchers can be studied and it would be useful in researches being conducted.

Is this just about Happiness Index - AUR?
No, it is not just about AUR. It is to know ratings and reviews of products, services and places etc.