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Hello! this is Kunal Bansal and friends call him KB.

KB loves to spend his time on Web and started his web journey 7835 days ago. He is Web addict, advisor, analyst, api developer, apps developer, blogger, consultant, developer, domainer, freelancer, google fan, hosting consultant and more. Read more about him on intro page..

He completed his PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) in IT and Finance and B.Tech (Bachelor's in Technology) in Computer Science .

He spends most of his time online, developing websites, reading and writing blogs, providing web consultancy, researching on new web advancements and apps development etc. He is an avid Google user and is an active on various Google Services like Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Gmail, GWT, Blogger, Feedburner, Google Search, Google Reader and Google Bookmarks to name a few and takes active part in solving queries on various related Google Support forums as well.

Apart from this, he is active on technical forums and runs his own forums as well. He has various blogs, has designed online management games like Fast Food Hunger (Online Inventory Management game), Treasure Hunt and online recreational games like Tambola etc. To view all web services offered by him, view his portfolio

After creating Inventory Management Game and knowing some fundas from marketing and retail world with user behaviour, his interest in retail developed. He is just a kid in retail and want to learn more and implement those magical theories which pulls people in both the worlds online as well as brick and mortar.

To know more about him and what he is upto these days, he can be reached via:
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